In his Prime

Our now envoy to the Middle East and former Prime Minister of Great Britain has many strings to his bow, garnered through years of working through the legal system in Britain, through his time as PM in 10 Downing Street and due to his consultancy role in working with large investment firms following governmental trends. What we didn't know about Tony was that between the sheets, his greatest 'string' appears to be his ability to excite his wife after some 31 years of marriage.

With kudos to Tony, whose wife Cherie Blair recently refuted an article in the Daily Mail which claimed that she had said on record that Tony 'even now [...]still excites [her] in all possible ways, we learn with a grimace from the Huffington Post. We assume she doesn't mean by him taking her away on surprise holidays or by losing a considerable amount of weight at the gym.

'Cherie has become a frequent user of ICorrect.com, where people can use a public platform to set the record straight about any article or bit of misinformation. [She] took to the site to take down this very [Daily] Mail article in question, calling Scott's piece, 'offensive, inaccurate and shabbily researched.' She doesn't, however, refute the supposed bedroom comments.'

You go, girl. With all the time on your hands since Tony stopped running the country, you could certainly get some material together for a raunchy memoir of your own!

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