Cher fling ‘poisonous rumour’

Who would blame sweaty palmed X Factor contestants for letting out all the weekly accumulated tension with the odd romantic dalliance backstage?

But allegations that Cher Lloyd did exactly that have today been quashed in no uncertain terms, dismissed as a ‘poisonous rumour’ according to one tabloid report.

The Daily Star claims that the show’s bosses launched an investigation over claims that Lloyd was found in a ‘compromising situation’ backstage after Saturday’s live show.

But the accusations were soon proved to be false. An insider said: ‘For a moment, there was real panic. But it is nothing more than a poisonous rumour.’

Contestants have reportedly been banned from entering into intimate relations during their time on the show.

This insider went on to say: ‘Getting embroiled in a sex scandal would ruin any of the wannabes' chances now the show is at such an important stage. They all need to behave themselves. There is so much at stake.’

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