Cheeky rugger!

Rugger player Thom Evans has got himself in a ruckus with former team-mate Danny Cipriani over his tomfoolery with the scrumptious Kelly Brook.

The model’s former boyfriend is said to be seething with the retired Scotland star, 25, after he was snapped out with the model on her 31st birthday. It was later claimed that the pair had snogged.

Kelly split in June from England ace Cipriani, 23, after two years together. Though he now plies his trade in Australia, the behaviour of his friend and ex-team mate has not gone unnoticed – and he’s not happy about it.

Someone in the know last night said: ‘Cips is furious and has already been in contact from Oz. He's good mates with Thom but he feels like he's been betrayed.’

After partying the night away last Tuesday, Kelly and Thom slipped off to a hotel. The big-mouthed source said: ‘They had a snog but nothing else happened. They like each other but know the situation is delicate with Cips.’

Perhaps a duel on horseback for the hand of Ms Brook is in order, or a penalty kick competition to restore honour?

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