Cheeky Chair

Sat at work hunched over a computer? Yeah, like the rest of us.

Worried about bad posture? Well, a new chair has been designed, its makers claiming it can provide "perfect lumbar support while ergonomically lifting and separating your butt cheeks for optimum comfort."

Lifting and separating your cheeks for comfort? Mmm…

The Ayur chair, which looks like a cross between hospital equipment and something you’d find in a sadomasochist’s dungeon, costs $500 dollars and doesn’t look likely to live up to its comfort claim…

One reader, commenting on a website which features the seat, notices one design fault: “if you have an extremely pendulous scrotum then there's always the threat of getting instantly castrated by this chair...”

Yes, the chair has a rather large gap down the middle, you know, to separate your behind. So, to save your back, would you sacrifice your balls?

(Image: from chez_sugi’s flickr stream)

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