If you stay in tip-top shape by keeping up with the latest Hollywood nip/ tuck trends, well, this week you might want to think twice about whether you top or tail.

Forget implants in the posterior to get J-Lo’s curves. Now it’s about inflating your other cheeks to get that more plumped up, fresh-faced look. The age old dilemma: fuller figure; plumper, more youthful face. Skinny bod – gaunt and older-looking.

We’ve all seen how excessive exercise and dieting for the size zero body can put a strain on beauty. But no need to frown any more - a tiny toned tush doesn’t have to mean facial fall-out.

The fix is simple; fill your face with the latest gel-like substances, helping boost collagen production for pillowy soft cheeks and re-contoured jawlines. You really can have it all. Both ends.

We don’t mean to be cheeky, but if only surgeons could deflate their egos while they’re inflating faces...

(Image: from Sam Metzli’s Flickr stream)

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