Cheek to cheek

A regular scenario: your man decides that it's the perfect night to relieve all his stress and anxiety. He has had a nightmare week and the only way to unwind is to spend some quality with...some alcohol. Chances are that when he staggers home, blind drink at 3am, he'll want some cuddling and an attempt to get his groove on. Enter: the Booty Pillow.

This ingenious creation provides men (and women) with the opportunity to collapse onto a soft, plush, welcoming backside that might just disguise the connatations normally associated with taking a nap on a bottom, i.e., an physical inability to get your rocks off or stay awake.

The 'Booty Pillow' website has more:

'While it makes for a great laugh, its utility is just as great. Made of high-grade 100% Polyurethane foam, it provides high levels of comfort for many different situations. Combining great shape with superior materials, the Booty PillowTM provides you with the support you need to rest comfortably. With its high-quality materials and superior comfort, we are sure that it will Put a Smile on Your Cheeks.'

Surely the perfect accompaniment would be a set of boob cushions to match the pillow or would that be too close to being an actual sex doll?

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