Cheaters check in online

For the gay and lesbian population, there's 'gaydar', a website allowing you to get your rocks off with someone within a matter of minutes. For those intent on dating, there's match.com and a variety of other networking/socialising sites. But what to do if you're 40+, nursing resentment at your '2.4 children meets Revolutionary Road' life-style, tied to a marriage you no longer enjoy? The answer: ashleymadison.com.

The new website soon to be launched in the UK, set up by former sports attorney and father of two, Noel Biderman, allows its members to pay for e-credits with which married men and women can contact and flirt with other as well as send and receive virtual gifts, the Sun online informs us.

'Biderman is currently staying in a luxury Mayfair hotel as he prepares to launch his 'service' in the UK. A round of media interviews has been lined up and a £10million advertising budget is poised to be spent if he can get his controversial message past the Advertising Standards Authority. He claims he has seen enough messages on his website from people in the UK to know there is a 'captive market waiting to join'.

Maybe he should consider advertising in Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins' novels: would be a sure way to reach that frustrated, middle-aged housewife market and reduce the quality of marriage in the UK even further!

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