Cheap thrills

Oh porn. It’s everywhere these days, isn’t it? Except in those places you used to find it – under a mattress or in the garage stored away in musty brown cardboard boxes. Since going digital, world porn usage has risen stiffly, and statistics gathered by Fast Company in June 2010 estimate that the major porn websites amass over 20 million viewers a day combined.

Top dog in the porn rankings is PornHub, that attracts 7.9 million viewers daily. This is followed by YouPorn, which manages 6.2 million visitors.

The research found that: ‘The most visited porn sites move up to twenty million visitors a day, a phenomenon in which the most important is the webs fed by the users, where Internet users post their own content.’

The fact that pornographic content can be generated by users has revolutionised the industry.Other movers and shakers include xvideos, with 5.4 million visitors each day, and RedTube, with 5.1 million daily users.

The United States are the main porn users, followed by UK, Japan, Italy and Germany. Predictably enough, the most popular recent film with pornographic content is a film starring Paris Hilton. It has been viewed by 36 million people to date.

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