Che forward, chica!

If it's been a slow month on the sex-front, it could be due to the complete lack of sunshine in ol'Blighty during these Winter months which, to be honest, makes everyone want to crawl under the duvets to sleep, rather than to get frisky. However, a trip to the land of risotto and Sangria might just win you alot more action than if you were having a cup of char and a biscuit in front of 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

According to international dating website Badoo, Spanish women are far more likely to initiate contact with potential dates and make the first move than their european counterparts, Asylum tells us.

'They discovered that Spanish women made the first move with a fellow 1.33 times a month, just edging out Polish women for the top spot in terms of being most likely to initiate contact. Ladies from the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Italy rounded out the top five.'

Just be sure to pack a dictionary for translation - not much good having women make the first move if you can't get out those awkward replies in the same language!

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