She to He documentary

Call us shallow but we think one of the hardest decisions you'd have to make about changing your gender is fashion. Do you become a suspicious Valley of the Dolls 'aged aunt' with twin-set, pearls and a hat? Would you become a tweed-wearing lumberjack with obligatory oil stains on his hands from working on some car or other machine type thing? Gender stereotypes a go-go!

However, for Chaz Bono, son of legendary disco diva Cher and sixties singer Sonny Bono, this clearly was the least in a series of important decisions to make which resulted in him becoming a man and eventually launching a documentary at the recent Sundance festival, charting his transition from female to male, the Huffington Post reveals.

'In the movie, [...] Chaz is shown getting breast removal surgery (which 'terrified' mom Cher), and talking about his sex life and his recovery from drug addiction'.

Hopefully the breast removal scenes will involve lots of cutting...of video footage of the actual operation, we mean!

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