Charlie Sheen’s naked rampage

Hell-raiser Charlie Sheen was found naked and passed out on a bed by cops after smashing up a hotel suite during a booze and drugs spree with a prostitute.

Police burst in after the terrified hooker rang for help – before locking herself in a wardrobe.

The woman, also naked, claimed Sheen had gone berserk, throwing furniture and screaming, and feared being attacked herself.

A source said: ‘Officers found the unidentified woman naked in a locked closet with Sheen totally passed out on the bed. The girl said she was in fear for her life. Sheen was incoherent but started screaming abuse at the officers.’

Apparently, 45-year-old Sheen was given the choice of being arrested or going to hospital for mental health checks. He opted to go to hospital, and is due to be discharged today.

Friends of the Men at Work star denied it was the result of a cocaine and drinking binge, claiming instead that he had suffered an ‘allergic reaction’ to medicine.

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