Celeb sex secrets

Ever wanted to know if former Misteeq singer Alesha Dixon has had sex in a ‘big car’? Or if Denise Van Outen ever got jiggy with it dressed in full Panto regalia? Or, what exactly turns the ageless Tess Daly on? (No jokes please she’s married to Vernon Kay). Well the showbiz gals at 3am have notched up a must-read list of celeb sex secrets in honour of V-Day, and it makes for compelling reading.

Here are the highlights/lowlights...WARNING! The following contains scenes of a sexual nature....a lot of scenes of a sexual nature!

Paris Hilton: 'I’ve always liked a guy in uniform. A hot cop is a great look. Particularly if he’s got blue eyes, a beautiful face and tight abs.’

Alesha Dixon: ‘I’ve had sex in a big car, but then everyone has. I’ve also done it in the ladies toilet of a really posh bar in London. And I once tried it with a pair of handcuffs, but they were too small and really hurt, so that didn’t really work for me.’

Bianca Gascoigne & Scott Sullivan: ‘We once had sex on someone’s quad bike, someone else’s car bonnet then on the roof of our villa – all in one night. Oh, and it wasn’t your standard flat roof, it was a pointed one, so the danger element was high.’

Sinitta: ‘My most memorable time was in a private box with Brad Pitt at the Albert Hall for a music awards night. Suddenly he grabbed me and we started rolling about on the floor. We just couldn’t help ourselves. Then someone in another box above us leant over and tried to take photos of us on the floor and an usher knocked on the door asking us if we were alright. You have to do these things when you’re young, don’t you think? These days all my naughtiness takes place at home.’

Lisa Snowdon: ‘I was once so repulsed by a man’s pants that I had to throw him out. And no, it wasn’t George (ex boyfriend George Clooney). This guy had Bart Simpson underpants on – and it was just a complete no-no. Why don’t men understand that all we want is a pair of nice white cotton boxer shorts. I’d rather a guy went commando than wear anything else.’

Jennifer Lopez: ‘Women don’t like their nipples twiddled like radio tuners. The guy thinks, 'Oh she’s loving it' but she’s thinking, 'God, please stop!'’

Denise Van Outen: ‘I once had sex in my panto costume when I was Alice Fitzwarren in Dick Whittington. I’m not the only one either. I know a very famous actress who did it backstage when she was dressed as a rat.’

Edith Bowman: ‘When I was much younger I remember trying to do it in my mum and dad’s house when they were downstairs. That was so weird and scary. Also, I once nearly got caught in the toilets at a mate’s party. I was with my boyfriend at the time and we could hear them outside looking for us. Very off-putting!’

Jordan: ‘I’ve whipped and caned guys, when they’ve deserved it. I like that dominant role. I guess that’s why I’m happier doing the tying up than being tied up.’

Gail Porter: ‘The funniest thing I’ve done is joining the mile-high club on the way to my honeymoon (with ex husband Dan Hipgrave). We thought we were being really cool and clever by nipping to the toilets. It was hideously cramped but even worse, when we came out together there was a stewardess standing there who presented us with two bottles of champagne. How embarrassed was I? We had to put the blankets over our heads for the rest of the flight.’

Tess Daly: ‘I love it when I’m being caressed very slowly from the nape of my neck down to the bottom of my back. A woman’s back is a very sensitive thing – as are our earlobes. The great thing is that if you do that to a girl when she’s watching TV, you’ll be allowed to watch anything you like. The caressing and stroking has got to be done slowly though. Women like a slow build-up. Having said that, occasionally it’s nice when your man takes over and shows you who’s boss. I’d better stop before I get myself into trouble.’

Dani Behr: ‘A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time used to stay over with me at my dad’s house. One night we were at it in bed when my dad walked straight in and froze. It was so obvious what we were doing because I was on top. I tried to pretend that I’d woken up and had just sat bolt upright. My boyfriend was absolutely mortified. Oh God, I don’t even want to think about it! And I once did it in an NCP car park. God, it was really seedy but great.’

Dannii Minogue: ‘The most daring I get is going out to restaurants without any underwear on, then letting on halfway through. I’ve been skinny dipping loads of times …waterfalls and forests are best – remember I’m an Aussie, a real outdoor girl. But I’m not an exhibitionist so the trick is to find the secret waterfalls. Then you can relax and let go.’

Pamela Anderson: 'The worst experience I had was with a boyfriend in a hotel in Mexico. We were making love at night when I saw someone at the window. And we were on the third floor! I didn’t know if he had a camera – my boyfriend chased him down the beach but he got away.’

Lisa Rogers: ‘Many years ago I used to work behind the scenes on Mastermind and I must confess, I have had sex in the chair. Let me tell you I started and I certainly finished. Even now, when I hear the Mastermind theme tune, a little smile creeps across my face.’

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