Cash-stricken streaker bares all for Obama

Are there no bounds to what folks will do for ready money? Apparently not. A man arrested last week for streaking during a rally by President Obama in Philadelphia was, it transpires, doing so as part of a million dollar challenge.

British billionaire Alki David lay down the $1m gauntlet to anyone who would streak in front of the president with the name of his website emblazoned on their chest.

Streaker Juan Rodriguez was charged with indecent exposure, public lewdness and disorderly conduct, but, according to reports, is confident he met all the conditions of the challenge, which included shouting the name of the website six times.

In an adroit about-face, Mr David said that he’ll only pay out if the streaker managed to get within earshot and eyesight of the president.

'We're waiting to review all the video footage and we'll be back with a statement tomorrow,' said Mr David, concealing a smirk for the hapless Juan and gleeful at the thought of all that free publicity no doubt.

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