A horny elephant mistook a car for a potential mate and mounted it – leaving terrified passengers with a truly massive problem.

Irishman John Somer and friend Carina Lowers were driving through the Pilanesburg Game Reserve in South Africa when they happened upon the five ton bull elephant.

John, 66, said: ‘I never thought I would be killed by an elephant. When I turned the corner there was another elephant in front of us. The driver started reversing and stopped next to us. I’m Irish and he was speaking Afrikaans, but I could make out the word ‘elephant’.’

But John got in a ditch and was unable to back up the car. The elephant, called Amarula, advanced before rubbing itself the car. John said: ‘It really did seem to regard the car as a female elephant and was making advances on ‘her’.

It flipped the car over before losing interest, and John and Carina crawled to safety out a window. Nature lover Riaan van Wyk witnessed the scene. He said:

Amarula is one of the largest bull elephants in the reserve. To make matters worse he was in a musth – a dangerous time when bull elephants become randy, aggressive and pumped full of hormones.’

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