Carol McGiffin : no sex for 7 years

If a woman who once came 38th in an FHM poll of the 100 Hottest Women can't get laid, is there any hope for the rest of the world? Apparently not.

Loose Women's Carol McGiffin has shocked the nation by admitting on the show that she hasn't had a good seeing to in almost 7 years. 'I have a real fear of dying before I get laid again, because it's been so long - seven years. I'm absolutely gagging for it' exclaimed Carol to a gobsmacked TV audience. Carol also said she hates being constantly surrounded by other people who seem to be going at it like a bunch of newlyweds while her own 'compendium of sexual adventure' is dusty and cobwebbed. 'Ending up alone when I die doesn't bother me, but not getting it does.'

Why then didn't Carol take the proverbial bull by the horns and make a play for Russell Brand when he popped onto the show? He dropped by especially after hearing McGiffin would gladly pay good money to bump uglies with him. And why back in the early 90s did she get married to Chris Evans? That'd be enough to put anyone off for life. Apart, of course from his wife who is now expecting his first child!

Check out Carol stripping right down to the nip, and Russell Brand dropping by for a snog.

Carol McGiffin strips on Loose Women
Russell Brand on Loose Women

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