Carnalpedia: the Wiki of sex?

Do you think fellatio is a type of spaghetti? Do terms like felching, teabagging and donkey punching mean nothing to you causing much embarrassment during the banter at the local Bridge night? Well help could be at hand in the shape of Carnalpedia.

Just as its name suggests, Carnalpedia seeks to fill the holes left unplugged by the world's favourite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The site's founder Jeremy Haddock explained his motivation for setting up the site: "The fact that Wikipedia has a certain type of audience leaves a lot of information about sex and the adult industry either blocked or censored."

Unfortunately for Haddock his claims are as flaccid as an 80-year-old skin flick performer after an all night shoot because Wikipedia actually does features a number of detailed articles on topics as varied as pearl necklaces, irrumatio and carpet munching. In contrast, Carnalpedia's content seems to consist of profiles of a number of porn stars and no more than a handful of articles.

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