Visa but no vagina

The unusual thing about this story isn't that a school-taker spent thousands of pounds of his life-savings in ensuring that his newly-married bride, who was born a man, could get a visa to reside in the UK but that when Ian Young, 32, found out that Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari now Fatine was still a man, he embarked on a gay relationship because he was so in love with the Malaysian born dancer.

Having met Fatine whilst working as a security officer in Malaysia, Young brought his amour back to the UK before he discovered her true gender identity. A civil ceremony followed and a price of thousands of pounds in ensuring that Fatine could stay in the UK and wouldn't have to face charges and possible arrest back in her home country, the Daily Telegraph reveals. However, once the Home Office visa arrived, Fatine promptly left Young to pursue a career as a showgirl.

'I used all my life savings fighting to keep her in the UK and now she's got what she wanted I'm left sitting here with £2.50 to my name,' Young says. 'She has ruined my life just two weeks after it was supposed to be made complete, when the visa was finally granted. 'Now she won't speak to me and she won't get a divorce.'

Seems like someone should treat Mr. Young to a lapdance at a strip joint to take his mind off things. Just make sure it isn't the same establishment where his ex is currently working!

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