A stoned bone

Beloved of students, skaters, surfers, rastas and dealers, Cannabis and its cousin Marijuana form the corner-stone of adolescent experiences, alongside drinking too much, throwing up too much and a variety of sexual conquests. Where the latter is concerned, maybe this type of drug creates the experience of what might happen at a much older stage of a man's life, i.e., when your penis no longer obeys you.

Scientists, who it must be said might be trying to do teenagers everywhere a MASSIVE favour, are publishing the results of tests which show that cannabis and marijuana 'antagonise' the nerve receptors in the penis, making it more likely to become limp and refuse to take part in hanky panky, Science A Go Go reveals.

'In the past, studies examining the effects of cannabis on male sexual function have been limited and the results have often been contradictory. While some researchers claimed cannabis could have beneficial effects in enhancing erectile function, other studies have found the opposite.'

Most guys might argue that it depends on whom you are playing to enjoy your penis with...

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