Cameron Diaz’s love beau-t

After breaking up in October amid rumours of fighting and jealousy, it seems the on/off romance between Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez is back on.

Things were looking ship shape between the pair yesterday as they spent the afternoon aboard a boat in Miami Beach.

Despite their reluctance to be pictured together, with bare-chested Mr Rodriguez chivalrously shielding his Hollywood sweetheart from the cameras’ gaze, it’s clear that things are back on between the pair. Last week they were spotted having an intimate dinner for two at a members-only West Hollywood restaurant.

They looked super coupley,' a source gossiped to Us Weekly magazine. 'Cameron was holding his hand and nuzzling him.'

The pair have a history of breaking up and getting back together. This time round it was Yankees star Rodriguez, who broke up with Cameron back in October, that begged to have her back.

'He cut things off from her and she was really hurt,' a source told Hollywoodlife. ‘She wasn’t looking to get married or anything, but Alex has a wandering eye and wanted to see other people. But, he missed her. Cameron is really a lot of fun and Alex always had a good time with her.'

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