Cambridge college dean caught up in college carryings on

The hard-drinking, cigar-smoking Winston Churchill would probably give his most hearty approval. Indecent exposure, vandalism, violence and alcohol-fuelled high-jinks have been exposed as some of the regular student goings on at Churchill College, Cambridge.

And the escapades didn’t escape the attention of college dean, Dr Priyamvada Gopal, who reported having to reject the advances of one tanked up student in March 2007 during a naked procession through the college.

‘[There were]several very drunk students and alumni after a rugby dinner, some of whom were running naked around college, and one of whom propositioned me,’ she said.

Churchill junior common room president Alan Cruickshank blamed a weekly music event called The Pav, which is open to all students.

He said: ‘I think we might be slightly more likely to be badly-behaved in college simply because of the great facilities and ents [entertainments] on offer.

‘The consistent weekly turnout at The Pav I think, is probably proof,’ he added.

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