Cambridge blues

The musty corridors of Cambridge University have been rocked by the news that its Union has invited porn stars to take part in a debate.

The proposed motion to the debate, which will take place on 17 February in the Cambridge Union Society’s historic debating chamber, is: ‘This house believes that pornography does a good public service.’

Debating for the motion will be stripper and porn actor Johnny Anglais, who was thrown out of his teaching job after his sideline was discovered, and Anna Arrowsmith, the UK's first female adult movie director. US porn actress-turned-born-again-Christian Shelley Lubben will be trumpeting the cause against pornography.

Union president Lauren Davidson told Cambridge student newspaper The Tab that pornography is a ‘hot topic’.

She said: ‘The issue of pornography is prevalent in today's society; it's easily accessible online for people of any age, and seems to be increasingly covered in the news and on TV programmes.

‘Sexuality is something that everyone is very aware of and I want to create a proper discussion around it. But I am not making the debate controversial for the sake of it. I hope it will be both academic and lively.’

Unfortunately, it won't be a mass debate, as the Cambridge Union is only open to members of the university.

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