Calum Best : fifty day sex ban

Calum Best, off sex? Surely not. Surely yes. But don't worry, it's only because he's getting paid loads of money to go on telly and do it! Calum Best has agreed to keep his mucky paws to himself for a whole 50 days, in the name of aptly named MTV reality show, 'Totally Calum: The Best Is Yet To Come'. See what they did there?

Producers cast their net far and wide in the search for a suitably horny and desperate D lister for the show, (based on Josh Hartnett film 40 Days and Nights,) and when nothing else materialised plumped for Calum.Calum will be jetted to all his favourite womanising hotspots, where he'll be bombarded by boobs and honey traps in a bid to break his resolve.

Best is a womanising pest with more notches on his bed post than he's had hot dinners, so watching him keeping his pants padlocked for a whole 50 days will be like watching a starving dog by the dinner table while his family gorge on meaty bones. Calum however, is confident he won't buckle, and to help him on his way has organised a big stripper filled bash at Stringfellows the night before filming starts on Saturday. Something tell us that won't quite do it.

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