California judge to rule on gay marriages

America's constitution is an object of national pride - a promise to uphold the rights of all of its citizens, to protect freedom of speech and ensure that the United States remains a beacon across the world for just and democratic government. Today, gay and lesbian couples up and down the country are awaiting a ruling from the state of California over whether it will overturn a ruling against gay marriage, on the grounds that it is unconstitutional, Pinknews reports.

When Proposition 8 was passed in November 2008, the (very slight) majority of Californians said no to gay marriage. However, last week, Chief US District Judge Vaughn Walker declared the Proposition unconstitutional as it discriminated against a minority group.

Subsequently, right-wing and pro-marriage groups took their concerns to the Ninth circuit court of appeals and Judge Walker decided to announce a decision on the future of Proposition 8, and of gay marriage in the state of California once that appeal had been decided upon. The deadline: today.

The struggle against such equality will continue, however, whatever the ruling: 'In the event of the Court deciding in favour of reinstating same-sex marriage rights, the National Organisation for Marriage said they plan to take the case to the Supreme Court.'

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