Butt of the joke

A patient in China is refusing to leave his hospital bed after claiming medical staff tattooed his bum during an operation.

Sheng Xianhui, 34, , claims that his right buttock was tattooed with two Chinese characters.The tattoo, which translates as ‘Stone Disease’ was given to him after he was put under the knife to be treated for gall stones.

And he’s not leaving the hospital bed until he has some answers. The hospital has tried to evict Xianhui, but to no avail.

’I'm not leaving,’ he said. ‘I'm worried that if I go out for even half an hour, the hospital will claim I had the tattoo done outside.

‘But even if I wanted a tattoo, I wouldn't want those characters and I wouldn't want it on that part of my body.’

It wasn’t until his wife, Hu Juan, noticed the tattoo while he has a shower at the hospital, a week after the operation.

’After the surgery, I felt my right buttock was painful. However I thought it was a normal reaction after the surgery,’ he said.

His wife added: ‘We came here on a friend's recommendation, but never expected they would engrave characters on my husband's ass.’

Meanwhile the hospital has denied any wrong doing and has suggested that the tattoo could be a the result of an allergy to the bed sheets!

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