Bust of British

A new study published has solved that most tawdry of pub arguments – in which part of the UK do women have the biggest boobs?

The answer, predictably enough for fans of reality TV stars Chantelle Houghton, Jodie Marsh and Amy Childs, is the county of Essex.

Yes, Essex, reports The Sun. Research by fashion experts show that three of the top ten areas for sales of mellon-tastic J and K cup bras are in the county.

But wait, this may not be a natural phenomenon. Researchers scratched their heads before mooting that the top heavy figures may have been sparked by the amount of boob-enhancing ops going on there.

One of the county’s most famous residents, Katie Price, is no stranger to the surgeon, and all the aforementioned stars have gone under the knife too.

A survey carried out by Debenhams showed that London's Oxford Street sells the most J and K bras followed by Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

The top ten features Lakeside, Basildon and Romford - all in Essex - Preston and Newcastle. A spokesperson from Debenhams said: ‘Our bigger bust sales indicate a clear regional split, with most of the top ten being either very North or South - and very little in between.’

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