Bunny girl teaches baby girl to pole dance

Maybe she shops at Primark and buys her seven-year-old daughter padded bikinis and t-shirts with slogans such as 'Too many boys, too little time' but recently one Sarah Burge, a former Playboy bunny and cosmetic surgery fan, taught her seven year old daughter how to pole dance, to almost nation-wide condemnation.

Claiming that the erotic form of dancing was a 'great way for her [daughter] to stay fit and healthy', the swingers club owner has defended her actions which have lead to photos of her daughter in suggestive poses being put on the internet, the News of the World reveals.

'Some fear the snaps are too provocative and could attract unwanted attention from sex pests. Last night a pal said: 'It's madness to open your child to the risks on the internet.''

If you open your window and listen carefully, you can almost hear the Daily Mail tremble with righteous, 'Middle England' indignation.

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