Bungee condom jump

There's not a man in the land who doesn't worry if a humble love glove will really do the job when push comes to shove. But for Carl Dionisio - using a condom really was the difference between splatting himself all over the shop - or living to tell the tale.

he 37 year veteran bungee jumper recently flung himself off a very high steel erection - using nothing but condoms to ping him back up to dry land. Carl was desperate to relive the buzz of the 'virgin jump' - and decided that binding his feet to a 30 metre condom rope and hurling himself to his potential death was the only way to do it.

Dionisio and a pal spent 4 months knitting together the rubbery rope out of 18,500 condoms in preparation for the dive. But personal craftsmanship and time spent knotting still didn't stop him getting the wibbles before the big leap.

said, "Latex is latex. The cord was based on a mathematical formula and although I was 99 per cent sure that it would work, my stomach was in a knot for a month before the jump."

Each to their own.

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