Buff Bond bares all

If James Bond stepping out of the sea in tight blue swimming trunks got you hot under the collar, then you’re in for a treat. Daniel Craig has vowed to go totally nude in the next film, saying that if Bond girls are expected to bare all, then why not the guys too?

If Bond gets naked it’ll certainly get those female fans’ bums on seats, ensuring another box office hit.  Although if Mr Craig had his way it sounds as if there’d be another cast member also stripping off – Dame Judi Dench, who he describes as “sexy as hell and a total tease”.  Oh go on then!  Let’s just make it the first ever completely naked Bond movie – that’ll definitely pull in the public. Just make sure there are no ski chases in the snowy Alps. It could get very cold – and who knows what might drop off…

(Image: from YouTube)

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