Bruni and Sarko's afternoon nookie - head of state kept waiting

The French famously love their politicians to have high sex drives - stories of infidelities and illicit nookie only impress the voters more. So rumours that Sarkozy and Bruni have such an active sex life that the Premier is often late for meetings will have the French cheering, and the rest of the world cringing. And us Brits have even more reason to cringe, as one of the victims of the frisky pair's liasons was our own fair Queen.

According to the The Daily Mail, ‘Bruni wanted to know if, like the Sarkozys, Michelle and the President had ever kept anyone waiting that way, Michelle laughed nervously and said no.' A source in France said,‘Mr Sarkozy is almost always late for meetings, and has irritated plenty of senior figures around the world because of this. It may have been the Queen who was held up, but she would be far too polite to make an issue of it.’

People of Britain - we must avenge this cruel slur against Her Madge! We need to get our PM busy with his first lady. Now, if only we knew who our leader was...

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