Brrrrr!! What a big bust!

Having suffered extreme temperatures and almost developing hypothermia, Ultimo boss and blonde bombshell Michelle Mone, 38, says she preferred the freezing conditions she faced on reality tv show '71 Degrees North' to stripping off to her bra and undies to advertise Ultimo's latest boob-job bra, the Sun Online tells us.

The millionaire mum of three wanted to do the photo-shoot to show off the latest invention by lingerie company Ultimo - who boast that their 'Icon' bra will boost your bust like an actual boob-job - but she also wanted to reveal her sexier, slimmer figure, to the benefit of blokes up and down England. However, the experience, Michelle claims, was less than enjoyable:

'This was much worse. Taking my dressing gown off was was the scariest thing I've ever done,' Mone moans.

The bra is now on sale in Debenham stores up and down the country, though we have yet to notice a sudden surge in the number of Katie Price look-a-likes storming the streets...

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