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We do love a celebrity gaff. Especially when they swear, and especially when they don’t do it on purpose and even more especially on breakfast television. So who did it this time? The lovely Jane Fonda boobed, of course. What did she say? Damn? Fiddle-sticks? Or maybe even poo? No, no and no.

Miss Fonda decided to bring out the big guns this time and went straight in for the kill, uttering probably the most offensive word imaginable. In fact, we can’t even write it, it’s that bad. Suffice to say it rhymes with hunt.

Even worse is that she uttered the word at 8am on US national television. Jane gave forth the profanity while appearing on the breakfast TV show Today with Meredith Vieira while talking about her role in the Vagina Monologues. The best part is the way that no one acknowledges the fact that she has said anything out of the ordinary and the interview just carries on…

To be honest, she kind of had to say the word, as the title of her monologue was named after the word which rhymes with runt. Really, she should’ve played it safe and just played this fun rhyming game we’ve been playing…

(Image: from YouTube)

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