Brothel visit turns sour

An unlucky Pole decided to treat himself to a quick visit to his local brothel, according to The Metro recently. Sadly for the man in question, as he perused the ladies on offer, he came upon his wife. Err…

Anyway, it’s a funny-ish story. But we wondered who would take the moral high ground in the argument that followed? (We’re presuming there was an argument.)

Would the husband be able to maintain any level of indignation at his wife’s moonlighting when he himself was a punter? Could the wife moralise about his behaviour when she herself was on the game?

We suspect that the wife should win in this war of words. After all she was earning the money that her hubby was trying to spend. Ho-hum. We wonder if he’s paying for sex now at home as well?

(Image: from Living in Monrovia's flickr stream)

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