Broody blokes: whatever next?

When we think of women who are obsessed with getting that ring on their finger and a bun (or six) in the oven asap, the phrase 'bunny-boiler' springs to mind. Women have always been seen as the centre of family-life, desperate to get pregnant quickly and build a nest. However, in this day and age, it seems some men or 'brokes' ('broody blokes') are actually the ones asking the question: 'when will it be more than just the two of us?'

In a surprising revelation from the News of the World, a large number of men feel that when both partners have financial security and that perfect study/spare room to convert into a nursery, it's time to start 'making-babies', for real.

However, with more and more women working their way up the career ladder and not really wanting to come back down it to start a family, the decision isn't one that they are prepared to make quickly. With role models such as Brad Pitt and David Beckham praising the value of family life, daddies are again being seen as cool. A recent Virgin Money survey 'showed 93 per cent of men believe being a dad is the most significant role in a man's life.' With some women overtaking men as the main bread-winners of the house, it might be time for men to pick up an apron and put down the briefcase.

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