British women arrested in Greece after oral sex competition

Nine British women have been arrested in Greece charged with prostitution after taking part in an oral sex competition on the popular holiday island of Zakynthos. The incident took place at Laganas beach, one of the most popular Greek resorts for twenty-something British holidaymakers.

The women, who were on holiday in Greece, were paid to fellate twelve men in all, six British and six Greek. The gentlemen involved have also been charged with aiding and abetting obscene public behaviour. The competition is said to have been recorded and the footage is rumoured to have already shown up on the internet.

Police are said to have come across the scene by accident after seeing posters with 'Girls wanted to suck golf balls through garden hoses' splashed all over the beach resort. Only on arrival did the unsuspecting law enforcement officers realise that there was no golfing or gardening equipment being used in the competition.

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