Britain's Got 'Talent' of an entirely different kind

There was a time when Britian's Got Talent was a cosy show, reminiscent of TV of the 1950s, with warbling grannies, flower arranging opera singers and the like. Now, BGT is a hot bed (literally) of sex and sleaze. The latest star with a murky past is Tia Brodie, who startled viewers with her naked fire eating act. And (gasp), it transpires that she's a porn star in real life. Who knew?

Tia told The News of the World: 'There was a time when I did the more hardcore stuff. The money was better but I stopped getting a lot of work when I decided I no longer wanted to open my legs for the cameras. I used to do a lot of that stuff. Being in porn was never a full-time job. My career was really an adult entertainer in the dance scene. I have done quite a lot of solo porn - it's quicker to film. But with regards to the boy/girl stuff I was very fussy with who I worked with and that's why I didn't do many movies. I picked the people I wanted to work with.'

What a charming lady - bring back Stavros Flatley we say.

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