Breast way to get noticed online

A new craze seems to be sweeping the UK and no, we don't mean keepy-uppies or anything to do with the World Cup. This one involves waiting for online companies to take pics of your neighbourhood (for location-finding websites like Google Earth) and then exposing yourself as they snap away at buildings on your street.

One office worker/brave lass from the Doma Farm Nursery in Uckfield, East Sussex, did just that, pulling off her top to reveal her ample assets as a car from dotcom company 'Street View' took shots of the street where she worked.

The Sun Online reports that she is the latest participant in a line of those bearing all, following the example of one council worker, Mark Hay, 44, from Glasgow, who 'got in trouble for flashing his bum on the [online] mapping feature which also allows users to get a 3D view of the world.'

So far, the identity of this mystery mammary madam has not been discovered but we imagine some of the boys in blue lining up outside local lingerie shops, just to 'make enquiries.'

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