Breast ownership confusion

A man in Germany is threatening legal action unless his ex-girlfriend pays him back the money he spent on her breast implants.

The woman whose breasts have caused this falling out, named only as Anastasia in Bild newspaper, fears that her breasts will be repossessed unless she coughs up with the £3,700 that her ex-boyfriend paid for the operation.

Anastasia, 20, admits that she signed a written agreement with her ex, named only as Carsten, that said she would stay with him for a year minimum he paid for the operation.

But it turned out to be a silly con. After the operation she told Carsten ‘thanks for the mammmories’ and split.

But now he wants his money back. Anastasia told reporters she had transferred the equivalent of £2,500 into his bank account, which, you might say, is the breast part of what she owes.

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