Boy racers lack beef

If you are a speeding boy racer type, you have a small willy.

That, at least, is the clear suggestion of a New South Wales road safety campaign – “Speeding. No one thinks big of you” – in which very underwhelmed ladies are seen waving their pinkies at men who rev and roar through the streets at unnecessary velocity.

The Sydney Morning Herald has already called it “one of the state's most successful anti-speeding campaigns”. In research, 61 per cent of young males say they believe the campaign will make them rethink their own driving behaviour.

Says Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal: "This campaign is about saving lives - not pride. If it dents a few egos but helps save a life, then it's worth it."

One Oz motorist so took the wee pinkie jibe to heart that he found himself in court for throwing a bottle at a woman who made the sign to him. Simon Jardak’s defence was that he felt “emasculated” by the gesture: “It offended me... because of, you know, ‘small’... she implied I had a small penis."

How Jardak thought that bottling a woman would make people think he was, you know, not small, is hard to fathom. The magistrate fined him A$400 for maliciously damaging property.

(Image: from pete arkestra’s flickr stream)

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