Bouncing boobs

Advances in fabric technology are set to change the experience of bra-wearing forever.

Scientists have developed an “intelligent fabric” with built-in sensors to monitor the movement of the breasts. Scientists hope that with these sensors they can design a bra which can stop this unwanted jiggling, as even correctly fitting bras today do not stop the pain during exercise - especially for bigger-breasted women. 

Trials have shown that the vertical movement of the breast (bouncing, basically) can be up to 3 inches during vigorous movement such as running. This affects the nerves around the shoulders so seriously it can cause numbness of the fingers! (Jordan probably can’t feel her arms after 20 minutes on the treadmill! Lord only knows how she takes off her bra…)
This research should allow bra manufacturers to create bras which limit breast movement, but at the same time do not cause discomfort. So let’s keep our (numb) fingers crossed, girls. It looks like there is a brighter, less bouncy future ahead for all of us out there…

(Image: from emilgh’s flickr stream)

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