Boris Becker's pecker wrecker

It's one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of modern times: just how did Boris Becker father a lovechild in 5 seconds flat in a tiny broom cupboard? Well, 11 years after the sex act, Boris has put some meat on the bones. Speaking on Piers Morgan's Life Stories, the tennis ace confessed that 'it' wasn't in a broom cupboard at all, 'it' was on the stairs between a bathroom and the broom cupboard. Aha.

The quickie between Boris and model Angela Ermakova took place in London's hip Nobu restaurant on the evening Boris was celebrating his retirement from tennis. A couple of seconds became free between courses and Boris seized the day: "It was one of those moments that happened in a fluke and you don't think about it before and you certainly forget about it after. What we shouldn't forget is, 10 years later, I have a beautiful daughter."

The affair later cost Boris Becker his marriage. On the plus side he got to meet Piers Morgan.

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