Boon time companions

Curling up with a nice cup of cocoa and a saucy Mills and Boon novel is one thing, but one London couple have taken the Mills and Boon experience to new heights – by recreating the iconic book covers.

Alex Holder and her boyfriend Ross Neil had a hoot recreating the slushy Mills and Boon covers, often featuring lovers in unlikely poses.

The couple decided to mock-up some of their favourites, like Dark Obsession and A First Time for Everything.

They then displayed their photographs alongside the original covers that inspired them.

‘Sometimes we sit for hours staring at a sea shell. Other times he'll hold me by the neck in front of the pyramids,’ Alex Holder told the Daily Mail.

‘But there's nothing we like more than nearly kissing each other near some horses.’

The effort that went into the pictures perhaps goes beyonf a joke. In one Holder even coloured her hair brown.

‘It was my idea, I thought it would be funny,’ she added. ‘I painted the backdrops, and sourced the clothes myself.

‘They were shot in my studio at my flat in London with the help of my creative partner Oli Kellett and a lot of fake tan.’

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