Bon Jovi ruined my sex life!

A mother who was run over by a Bon Jovi roadie has been awarded £33,000 in compensation after she claimed it made her unable to have sex .

Sally Allen,39, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, said she has been unable to walk or work properly since being run over by the roadie in a gold buggy. She also said she could no longer make love.

But after paying off legal fees and returning disability benefits, the former security guard will end up with just £3,000. Her original claim was for £250,000.

The U.S. band worker allegedly drove over Sally's right leg as she tried to evacuate a VIP area when a fire broke out at the gig, in the National Bowl in Milton Keynes.

She says he told her: ‘Do you know who I am? Get out of my way, you f***ing whore’.

And before running over her he yelled: ‘Last chance, bitch.’

A spokesperson for Bon Jovi said the band were unaware of the incident.

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