Sex bomb, sex bomb, it's sex bomb!

Despite the fact that it must cost several hundred or even thousand pounds when a bomb disposal squad are called out to investigate the discovery of a possible bomb or explosive device, we're sure that officers in Petrozavodsk, Russia had a bit of a giggle with their latest terrorist scare. Despite being on high alert after a postal worker came across a package that was ticking, we're sure these officers were quite happy to discover that it wasn't an explosive bomb but a 'sex bomb', in fact.

The mysterious threat was, in fact, a vibrator, that had accidentally been activated in the process of being handled before being delivered to its lucky new owner, we learn from Breitbart. We wonder if the would-be recipient actually identified themselves, post-scare!

'Nerves are on edge in Russia after an attack in January on the Domodedovo airport near Moscow left 37 dead. Two suicide bombers killed 40 in March 2010 in the Moscow metro. False bomb scares and evacuations have since affected commercial centres, stations and other public places.'

Good thing it wasn't a Chinese love egg. Those tend not to be discovered in packages but are more likely to be found ticking in a box of another kind...

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