Bobby on the job

Now there's moonlighting - you know, data entry clerk by day, nightclub barman by night, and then there's the really quite awkward to explain moonlighting. Like when you're a policewoman by day and a prostitute by night. Oh and you're also on maternity leave. And your speciality is dressing up as a bobby on the beat.....

Needless to say WPC Ruth Carter of the Thames Valley Police - who The Sun claim to have uncovered as a 'secret hooker' - will be in for a grilling once she goes back to work. The Sun came across the unfortunate entrepeneur's secret life after she pimped out her £150 wares to a Bracknell escorts agency. A journo was sent to sample the goods, and, not only was she filmed saying she was available for the full works, she was also alleged to have left her baby daughter with a neighbour while she got on with the job in hand. In a move reminiscent of a bobby on the booking desk, a Sun video also shows her telling the journo that it might be best to 'get some paperwork out of the way first' before getting down to business. Thames Valley Police have said a full investigation will be launched.

This is the second time in as many months that a working bobby has made a few quid on the side via the oldest profession in the book. Is the pay really that bad in the force these days?

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