Fancy a quick one?

London can probably boast a number of workers amidst its offices, stations, factories, shops and stores who will probably disappear around mid-morning tomorrow, to catch a glimpse of the televised royal wedding. Some might even feel the need to down a quick pint or two, in order to help the rest of the day go quicker.

For some of Blunkett's bobbies - or so called Police Community Support Officers who were instigated as a support organisation for the police force in London under former Home Office MP David Blunkett - taking an early, unplanned break meant time outside of work for a very different purpose. For having a quick one in a nearby Soho brothel, the Daily Mail tells us:

'The quartet abandoned their positions guarding potential terrorist targets in the sensitive ‘government security zone’ in central London.

'Then, wearing uniform, they met up at a vice den located five doors from a Metropolitan Police ‘community safety office’ and, according to sources, asked after an Eastern European ‘model’ who plied her trade there.'

The officers' defence that they were carrying out work within the community was readily dismissed at a disciplinary hearing carried out to investigate any possible lewd conduct.

It was commented that the bobbies should have known better than to visit a brothel in highly visible uniforms but who knows, maybe there was a discount for punters in costumes...

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