Blindingly funny

A saucy video showing a boss getting it on with a secretary in front of their blind colleague is doing the rounds on YouTube.

The clip shows the boss praising the blind worker while he takes his clothes off in readiness for a romp with his sexy PA in the photocopying room.

When the blind person does at last leave the room, the couple get down to business - with their groans of ecstacy drowned out by the sound of the printers.

The video is in fact an advert produced by the Norwegian Association for the Blind. It closes with this less than catchy and somewhat confusing tag line: ‘If you want to avoid gossip at work then hire a blind person. It's a funny advert but the point is to make people think positively about blind employees.’

A charity spokesperson explains: ‘The blind man in the advert knows his job inside out and you're never quite sure if he knows what's really happening or if he's just being discreet.’

You decide.

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