Blinded by making love

It’s been said that the solitary vice can lead to blindness, but never before has sex been linked to loss of sight. But medical reports have revealed the case of a man who was forced to seek medical help after going temporarily blind every time he did performed the act.

Intercourse has always had its ups and downs, but never like this. The unnamed patient would lose his sight every time he climaxed.

Doctors were severely miffed, since the blindness never occurred during any other form of strenuous exercise. The original report, published by the Department of Opthalmology at Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen, revealed the cause of the condition to be vasoconstriction, where the muscle walls contract around a blood vessel, restricting the flow of blood.

Vasoconstriction is the same condition that causes erectile dysfunction, but male readers shouldn’t panic - the patient was successfully treated using drugs to widen his blood vessels. He probably laughs about the whole thing at dinner parties now.

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