Blame it on the genes, baby

It's the perfect morning-after alibi, allowing you to slip away from your slumbering, previous night's conquest after getting your rocks off, without feeling guilty. A genetic deficiency is apparently to blame for men acting like, well, cads, and never calling a lady back. Which does little stop guys being serial shaggers but rather gives them scientific endorsement. Hmm...

The news given to us by Asylum is courtesy of the strange-sounding Binghampton University which carried out a series of scientific(-sounding) experiments and conducted various surveys on these lab/love rats regarding their sexual activities and habits.

'Those who had a particular variant of the gene DRD4 -- which regulates the body's reaction to the production of dopamine -- were more likely to pursue one-night stands' as attractive high-risk, high-reward behaviour. These people are apparently 'also be more likely to gamble compulsively and consume drugs and alcohol to excess.'

Scientists should also look into whether genes are to blame for men being unable to put loo seats down or participate in any form of social interaction during world cup season!

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