Bit of a boob

Channel 4’s legendary game show Countdown has dished out the giggles more than once -who can forget the time when the word ‘gobshite’ appeared in Dictionary Corner?

Now Channel 4 viewers were treated to another unfortunate combination of words, when the contestants on the afternoon quiz show were charged with finding an anagram of ‘large baps’ in the programme’s finale.

Which would be embarrassing enough for the show’s conservative, quasi-cerebral following, but the blushes increased when one of the contestants buzzed with the solution to the Countdown Conundrum – ‘graspable.’

Amid stiffled giggles, Countdown host Jeff Stelling was quick to acknowledge the risqué climax to the show, saying: ‘That's quite brilliant. I thought that was an impossible conundrum.’

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: ‘I think viewers will be aware of the tongue-in-cheek nature of the show.

‘It's up to the viewer to construe whether they think the combination of clue and answer was inappropriate.

‘All of the show's content is carefully considered to make sure it is suitable for broadcast at that time of day.

‘If those two words were put together intentionally, they certainly were not meant to cause offence.’

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