Birds of a feather, mate together

It’s being claimed that pollution affects birds’ sexuality and is being sighted as a cause for a dip in the bird population.

An egg-headed scientist claims that poisonous metal compounds entering the food chain can affect sexuality. Apparently, low levels of methylmercury in the diet of male white ibises caused the birds to cock a snook at female birds and pair up with each other.

U.S. researcher Peter Frederick ¬captured 160 ibises – a coastal wading bird – and gave them food laced with methylmercury. (He sounds very much the mad scientist).

Having caught these poor birds, he split them into four groups and gave them food containing different levels of methylmercury. A significant amount of male birds subsequently courted other males, building nests together and pairing off.

‘We knew mercury could depress their testosterone levels,’ exclaimed Dr Frederick.

It sounds more fishy than bird-like to us – who said that homosexuality has anything to do with testosterone levels? It sounds like Dr Frederick was winging it with his research.

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